Service Line Development and Implementation

Zephyr works collaboratively with hospitals and other health care organizations on service line development and implementation while looking at how to best drive market strategy & growth through expansion of the care continuum, physician recruitment and development, technology/innovation, partnerships, and facility enhancements.

We also examine other key factors, such as potential for improvement in operations, patient experience, and quality/outcomes.

Tailoring and organizing clinical programs or subspecialty services around specific patient population(s) is crucial. Our service line development and implementation expertise/focus includes Emergency Medicine, Behavioral Health, Orthopedics & Spine, Oncology, Cardiology, and Neurosciences. A number of hospital support services run across service lines, including finance, marketing, facilities, environmental and dietary services, quality and patient satisfaction, human resources, ED, therapy, medical and surgical teams, lab, etc. all of which need to be kept in consideration.

Key Elements

  • Assess and evaluate existing service lines (capabilities, gaps, etc.)
  • Service line feasibility or expansion analysis
  • Physician/Provider workforce
  • Develop an actionable plan that seizes the opportunity to drive growth
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